Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a relatively new way of planning and executing complex construction projects. In very simple terms, capital project teams members plan “packages” of work, organized in multiple hierarchies and fit the scope, specificities of the site and construction sequence.


Together and from early phases of the project, project team members decide what work will be contained in each package, set deadlines, and plan to clear all constraints related to that work package. This way, the project manager, engineers, procurement professionals and construction workers are all in alignment about what needs to be done, how and when.


Additionally, the size of packages meant to be executed in the field is reasonably chosen to support effective delivery and installation of a relatively independent crew. The goal is to make sure that the people who are actually building the project have everything they need in hand when they start building.


Advanced work packaging has been shown to save both time, money and improve safety and productivity performance. It is now considered a best practice in the industrial construction world.


Our platform and support contracts are used to enabling systematic integrated management of all work packages across the lifecycle of the project from the very beginning to project turnover. T-CON™, a project delivery platform, provides the ability to develop, manage, track and connect all work packages from the office to the field as well as link them to Project Performance Acceleration Platform™


Team-Concord™ (aka T-CON™) is a proprietary overall body of knowledge of the project and company. An update in a specific work package is automatically linked and visualized in your scope statement, and business plans. It is not enough to define the design scope of your work package, you need to be able to well control all the contextual information relevant to the work package and almost instantly gather updates affecting the fate of a given work package. 


Whether you are implementing solely AWP, or in a combination of project delivery systems, T-CON supports fully customizable dynamic work processes, per project and per organization.


With T-CON™, your organization is systematically compliant with CII/COAA AWP recommended practice for Advanced Work Packaging. Additionally, the use of T-CON™ supports the reduction of over 30 percent of the steps required to implement AWP with traditional legacy IT systems, increasing integration of multiple sources of information, enhancing visibility of the information and enforcing a standardized consistency beyond the silos created by contracts and traditional organization structures. 


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