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We help project teams in the energy, process, infrastructure and utilities sectors deliver superior results to their capital project organizations. We do this by providing unrivaled technology purpose-built for capital projects.​

For the first time, Owners and Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies have the interoperable tools they need to leverage historical project knowledge and promote unprecedented sharing, collaboration and learning throughout the capital project lifecycle supporting complex heavy engineered projects.  

Every member of the team is valued and empowered.

The Team Concord platform  (T-CON™ / patent pending) is the first cloud-based scalable platform purpose-built for capital project teams. Based on a deep understanding of capital projects and Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) protocols, T-CON™ uses artificial intelligence, big data and a progressive knowledge architecture to support capital projects from beginning to end through a "Projects Performance Acceleration Platform™"

Our objective is simple: Help asset-intensive companies invest in people, not IT.

Stay ahead with innovations other companies won't release for years. ​​

We work with leading organizations through an Enterprise Innovation and Transformation Alliance to configure and implement a company specific Project Performance Acceleration Platform™. The platform is then configured to match the company's Project Delivery System.


We work with your company to facilitate migration to the Projects Cloud and to configure the

T-CON™ platform to fit your immediate needs and strategic capital objectives.

What is the T-CON™ platform?

Built by Concord Project Technologies Inc. T-CON™ -is a cloud-based platform specifically designed to enable companies to plan and execute complex capital projects more effectively.


It is the first platform to use big data, artificial intelligence and unique algorithms to organize project information so it’s easy for teams to find and use, reducing unproductive time spent in searching for information and data.



Why is it called T-CON™?

The source of the acronym is derived from “Team Concord” and "Time of Construction".



Who invented T-CON™?

The inspiration and vision for T-CON™ is credited to Olfa Hamdi, an engineer and entrepreneur. The platform was built by an international alliance of experienced capital projects experts, technologists, data scientists and researchers under her direction and supported by independent private investment.



Who is Concord Project Technologies?

Concord Project Technologies Inc. is an American company specializing in innovative technologies for the purpose of complex capital project organizations including cloud computing for capital projects, artificial intelligence and machine learning for capital projects, knowledge management research and implementation, real-time field connectivity for safety and productivity improvement, project data management and complexity management for complex projects.


The company was established in early 2017 to operate and further develop the proprietary platform T-CON as well as a portfolio of innovative products and solutions invented to solve challenges faced in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) industries. 


Concord Project Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Palo Alto (California) and is composed of a global team of developers located in Tunisia, France, Brazil, Bulgaria and India. 



What makes the T-CON™ platform unique?

T-CON™ is a revolutionary platform that brings many “firsts” to capital projects including the first cloud-based platform - purpose-built for capital project teams. It is built to solve the problems that capital project managers encounter most often. Specifically:


  • From the home office to the field, T-CON™ establishes a common protocol for exchanging project management information across Owners, contractors, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers.  Multiple parties working under various contracts and agreements with varied permissions access the T-CON™ as the single – ecosystem that enables a seamless flow of information.


  • Complex capital projects with multiple year durations often experience turnover of key leaders that usually undermines efficiency. By serving as a repository of each contributor’s work, T-CON™ enables in a seamless, efficient transition of personnel. 


  • T-CON™ is fully customizable to the individual work processes, activities and deliverables. T-CON™ is also the first platform with integrated support for the application of Advanced Work Packaging protocols.



What makes T-CON ™ a “people-centered” platform?

Everyone involved in a capital project can use the T-CON™ platform, including managers, engineers, procurement teams and field teams. T-CON™ breaks down silos with real-time sharing of information. The platform captures human intelligence and makes it readily available to others. For example, if an engineer makes a change to a work package, the construction lead immediately has access to those changes. Similarly, a young engineer has quick and easy access to all of the project documentation from previous projects and can leverage decades of experience in solving a present-day problem.




Why is cloud migration different with the T-CON™ platform?

T-CON™ is the only platform purpose-built for capital projects. The platform intuitively understands how capital projects are organized. This is made possible with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, unique algorithms and big data.


When a company migrates historical project data to the cloud with T-CON™, the platform applies intelligent organization to the files. A company that migrates to the cloud using T-CON™ unlocks all of the human intelligence, problem solving and creativity that went into previous capital construction projects and makes that information easily available to current project teams.




What is Advanced Work Packaging and how does T-CON™ facilitate AWP implementation?

Advanced work packaging is a relatively new way of planning and executing complex construction projects. In very simple terms, capital project teams members plan “packages” of work. Together, they decide what work will be contained in each package, set deadlines, and plan to clear all constraints related to that work package. This way, the project manager, engineers, procurement professionals and construction workers are all in agreement about what needs to be done, how and when. The goal is to make sure that the people who are actually building the project have everything they need on hand when they start building. Advanced work packaging has been shown to save both time, money and improve safety performance. It is now considered best practice.


T-CON enables systematic integrated management of all work packages across the lifecycle of the project from the very beginning to project turnover. T-CON provides the ability to develop, manage, track and connect all work packages from the office to the field as well as link them to the overall body of knowledge of the project and company. An update in a specific work package is automatically linked and visualized in your scope statement, and business plans.


Whether you are implementing AWP or a combination of project delivery systems, T-CON supports fully customizable work processes.



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