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We believe a company’s digital transformation is a puzzle, and the pieces include not only the technology itself but also the understanding of the organization’s data, knowledge, transactions and future. In other words, digital transformation demands a full understanding of a capital project business ecosystem.

It's time for capital projects professionals to embrace the digitization and automation that has come with the fourth industrial revolution, says Zoubeir Lafhaj. Discover why »

Extraordinary leadership requires perspective. This sounds trite, but it isn't -- it's a sorely needed reminder in an era of profound technological disruption and intergenerational change. The ability to put things into perspective is a skill that must be cultivated and honed. Those who master it become effective, sought-after capital project leaders.

Tactics are not enough to solve the problems we’re facing in contemporary capital project management. We need principles. More to the point, we need to adopt principle-driven Advanced Work Packaging for capital projects.

When it comes to capital projects, what does a culture of innovation look like? What will it take to get us there?

Olfa Hamdi is the co-founder of Concord Project Technologies and the founding executive director of the Institute for Advanced Work Packaging. She was a member of the CII research team that produced IR-272, and is now leading the movement for integrated, technology-based...

On a capital project team, relationships aren't linear, they're circular. So why are materials managers so often left out of the loop? Read more »

The IT department should be fully integrated into the mission-critical work of a capital project organization. Technology leadership should be fully aware of each project’s bottom line and should -- for lack of a better word -- feel the pain of delivering that project on-time and on-budget. Achieve this by setting KPIs that are directly related to technology.

The continuous collection and analysis of sensor data from petrochemical installations has produced astonishing new efficiencies that were inconceivable just a few decades ago. As an industry, we now have unrivalled insight into our physical properties: we can monitor and manage operations remotely, quickly identify potential risks, and literally fix things before they break.

Currently, the EPC market is going through an extraordinary consolidation of global engineering and construction markets. If we take a look at the second quarter of 2017 alone, the market saw about 49 mergers and acquisitions. Jacobs Engineering acquiring CH2M HILL Companies Ltd. or Amec Foster Wheeler acquired by the powerhouse Wood Group.

Learn how smart companies are setting a new, higher standard for powerful, integrated capital projects technology through Advanced Work Packaging. Keep reading >>

University of Texas professor Bill O’Brien explains how Advanced Work Packaging has the power to create healthy capital projects.

Pioneering knowledge architect David Meza of NASA shows you how to transform your organization with connected knowledge.

Change happens. Learn how to manage requirements for Advanced Work Packaging with powerful requirements control tools. Read more »

Owner and EPC companies are embracing practices that support construction-driven delivery, but Path of Construction work is still in its infancy and many project managers aren’t doing all they could to improve efficiencies. Here are six signs you’ve lost your way.

Plug your knowledge leaks to get the most out of Advanced Work Packaging. The key: Tech that mirrors your fit-for-purpose work process

2018 is not shaping up to be the year to resist change and push the status-quo. Although project delivery organizations are inherently process-centric, non-collaborative across interfaces, and risk averse, these legacy processes must be retooled and re-evaluated to keep up with the rapidly changing market and workforce. Transformational, systemic changes in project delivery strategy...

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