Entreprise Transformation &

Innovation Alliance (ETIA)

“Lofty words cannot construct an alliance or maintain it; only concrete deeds can do that.”
―John F. Kennedy


We believe innovation is about making concrete deeds happen in the most effective way possible; we believe innovation is about results! 


Concord Project Technologies is always seeking organizations who want to enter into an innovation and transformation alliance with us. We’ll work with your company to enhance your capital effectiveness goals by streamlining your portfolio's holistic integration and interface management requirements. We will support your project teams needs, facilitate migration to the projects' cloud and customize and configure the T-CON platform to fit your needs and build your institutional knowledge architecture. 


Together, we will build your Next Generation Project Delivery Platform.



In certain scenarios, the first step in this alliance would be to migrate your historical project data to your project cloud. As it imports, we apply an intelligent analysis of your information using purpose-built algorithms, sophisticated project knowledge architecture, big industry data and artificial intelligence.  With the historical information in place, T-CON™ becomes a powerful collaboration and productivity tool for all stakeholders at all stages of the project lifecycle, capturing and sharing new project data in real time.


With T-CON™ you can:


  • Easily mine and all file types. Our Live Intelligent Search Assistant (LISA™), supported by big data and artificial intelligence, is a core component of T-CON.historic data to facilitate smart, fast searches across your company’s knowledge databases, your project documentation - including PDFs, as well as your company’s emails, communication channels


  • Continuously build a structured knowledge library as your team inputs knowledge into T-CON™ in real time. Save on staffing, document management and re-organization at the end of every project. Facilitate data decommissioning without contractual risks. Easily structure your cloud servers to match the project contractual packages without limiting the extent of collaboration between various stakeholders.


  • Extract ready-to-analyze information about your project and enhance your organization’s benchmarking efforts. T-CON empowers your capability to reliably collect the data your need for benchmarking performance. Additionally, use passive non-intrusive data collection to continuously evaluate your project practices.


  • Stay in control of your internal information and protect your competitive advantage. Share only what you choose to share with external parties and contractors and maintain traceability over their access and interactions.


  • Make analysis of the qualified data the start of timely and clear decision-making, not the end.



The T-CON™ knowledge infrastructure is derived from our belief that bad data is worse than no data at all. All numbers are not facts. As Richard Royall, Professor of Statistics at Johns Hopkins says, when faced with data it’s critical to ask three questions: What does the data imply? What do I believe? What should I do, considering both?

Answering these questions is the first step to a successful digital transformation.



The second step in our innovation alliance is to configure T-CON™ to fit your organization’s work processes, templates, project delivery processes, contractual considerations and team organizations. This may serve a project, a group of projects, or an entire site or portfolio.


Concord manages the servers, updates the software and provides real-time support, while you focus on using the platform to meet your project goals.


“For the first time, owner and EPC companies have the power to build the tools they need to leverage historical project data and facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration throughout the capital project lifecycle,” said Olfa Hamdi, co-founder and CEO of Concord Project Technologies. “Our platform is sophisticated, using artificial intelligence, big data and an advanced knowledge architecture to streamline project complexity.


Our objective, however, is simple: To help asset-intensive companies invest in people, not IT.”



Let's talk!




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