Much ink has been spilled about “digital transformation.” As a general concept, the term refers to a company’s efforts to use emerging digital technology to change business processes, competencies and models. There can be no doubt that digital transformation has the power to resolve past failures and prepare businesses for future challenges.


It’s rare, however, to hear talk of digital transformation purpose-built for capital projects. Those who do talk about it often resort to importing out-of-industry concepts with little critical thought. We believe there’s a better way.


We believe a company’s digital transformation is a puzzle, and the pieces include not only the technology itself, but also the understanding of the organization’s data, knowledge, transactions and future. In other words, digital transformation demands a full understanding of a business ecosystem. 


Migrating to the cloud is just one piece of that puzzle. Here’s how we believe it should be planned and executed for capital projects and asset-intensive companies. 


Cloud Migration, The T-CON™ Way 


If you think migrating to the cloud means moving files from one place to another, say, from a private server to a shared server, don’t do it. This is true especially if your organization has made a large investment in data centers over the past five years. 


We believe migrating to the cloud is an unprecedented opportunity to establish a powerful knowledge architecture that will supercharge your company’s next capital project.


The T-CON™ cloud-based platform and cloud migration protocol have been purpose-built for capital projects. We help owner and EPC companies leverage historical project data to support informed, effective collaboration on current and future projects. 


Moving data from in-house servers to the cloud can be challenging and costly. Executives in asset-intensive industries are reluctant to fund a full migration to the cloud, and for good reason. Legacy project information management software is built and implemented on-premise; it’s already very expensive, and vendors can’t themselves transition to the cloud without a dramatic impact on pricing for large clients. For owner and an EPC decision makers, that means moving the capital project organization to the cloud is and will remain hindered by the old business models and deals signed with legacy software vendors. 


T-CON™ offers a simple and cost-effective option for transferring large amounts of project data to the cloud while taking full advantage of military-grade security and unprecedented data management features. In the process, the platform applies intelligent structure to your data, making it easier to access and use.


Our protocol is based on the following principles: 


  1. Digital transformation is not about adopting the hottest technology trend. It is about understanding the challenges faced by your capital project organization, and investing in technology that solves these challenges. 

  2. Digital transformation is an opportunity to create a knowledge architecture that improves your company’s access to its silent archives, which are replete with experience and know-how that can foster increased effectiveness and efficiencies.

  3. Digital transformation should not cost more than your current technology. It should cost less, and have a clearer and faster return on investment.

  4. While there are general principles for planning and executing a digital transformation, the process remains a very unique contextualized experience because people are and should be at the center of such effort. 

  5. Digital Transformation is ultimately about resolving complexity. It takes deliberate study and thought to manage complexities in a capital project environment.




T-CON™ is a cloud-based Complexity Management System purpose-built for Capital Project Teams in asset-intensive companies in the energy and petrochemical sectors. 


Rooted firmly in the principles of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and the Agile manifesto,  T-CON™ improves Capital Project Team Productivity and Performance using innovative advanced digitization methods enabling unprecedented integration and alignment of project stakeholders, work processes, project scope, data and knowledge, at any point in the Capital Project Life Cycle.


We help established capital projects organization build their cloud migration protocols for in-house project delivery capabilities by designing and implementing their transition to the Capital Projects Cloud using a proprietary operating system supporting a custom-built knowledge architecture and powered by a big-data infrastructure.

T-CON™ is not just an idea or a concept, it is a complete, ready-to-use Big Data powered Operating System and our team is applying it Today.


Learn how.

Migrating to the Projects Cloud with

T-CON™ Platform 






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