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The Concord/T-CON™ Story


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein


Olfa Hamdi was a young engineer working in capital project management when she first realized the industry was in desperate need of new technologies.


At the University of Texas, Austin, and as a member of the Construction Industry Institute’s Research Team 272, she’d written a master’s thesis on Advanced Work Packaging techniques -- the first study of its kind. The RT272 team was the industry coalition that first proposed an execution model for best-practice work packaging including members from top Owner and EPC companies in the energy sector.


Then, in 2013, she founded the Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Institute to further define a disciplined approach to capital project management. This approach aligns business, engineering, procurement, and construction perspectives throughout the project lifecycle, from initiation and startup to turnover.


T-CON™ is the natural evolution of this work.


An entrepreneur at heart, Hamdi decided to build the technology the industry needs to achieve meaningful business and organizational results.


In Summer 2014, on Paris-Tunis flight, Hamdi met Khalil Aissaoui (Concord's current CTO), an IT Architect and Agile/Scrum Master with a strong passion for innovation in software project management. Together, they spent the 2-hour flight discussing the commonalities/differences between Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and Scrum Management. Having realized the overlap between construction and software project management, Hamdi asked Aissaoui to join her dream of building a game-changing platform for construction project delivery. 



In 2015, Hamdi pulled together an international alliance of experienced capital projects experts, technologists, data scientists, and researchers. Together, they embarked on extensive interdisciplinary research and in-depth consultations with leaders in the field.


The team started by studying every piece of software currently in use by capital project managers, including programs used for collaboration, data management, engineering, and analytics. They also studied the best solutions in the information technology space and more specifically, they studied the manifestation of agile concepts and methods in various industries. They created the FIT test to measure and evaluate the Features, Intelligence and Technology of each piece of software and working platform. They collected feedback from users and clients.


Through months of research, study and interviews across asset-intensive industries, an overwhelming consensus emerged from owner and EPC companies: There was a distinct lack of infrastructure and tools required to address the major office and field productivity issues impacting capital projects at all phases of the life cycle.


Concord Project Technologies, headquartered in Palo Alto California, has been established to develop and operate T-CON: the industry's first platform serving as an infrastructure to capital project development across project phases. 


A new, state-of-the-art platform

The state-of-the-art T-CON™ platform is the product of this long journey. By integrating the best talent of two industries -- the capital projects industry and the IT industry -- Concord Project Technologies is introducing unique expertise and an innovative project performance acceleration platform enabling knowledge, collaboration, benchmarking and productivity management for capital projects.


Purpose-built for capital projects

T-CON™ is purpose-built for capital project management, rooted firmly in the concepts of workface planning and advanced work packaging.


It is a cloud-based platform that facilitates effective collaboration between the varied stakeholders involved in the capital project supply chain. The platform applies to all phases of the capital project lifecycle, from project initiation and planning through field execution, to decommissioning and start-up and ultimately project closure, enabling seamless and flawless transition operations and maintenance. The Concord Team has built a platform that allows Owner and non-Owner companies including EPC’s, EPCM’s to build a strong competitive advantage by investing in their people.


Technology that supports AWP

Crucially, the T-CON™ platform embodies and enables Advanced Work Packaging techniques, providing powerful and intuitive technology supporting the creation, development, and assurance of the non-engineering semantic information created to support the design and field implementation work defined in the various work packages. With T-CON™, all work packages are defined and managed through the company’s proprietary work processes from Construction Work Packages to Engineering and Installation Work Packages. T-CON™ supports the practical application of AWP concepts, including but not exclusive to governance, controls, productivity, documentation, organizational effectiveness, integration, transparency, and alignment.


A people-centered platform, a critical project ecosystem

Most importantly, T-CON™ is people-centered. The platform facilitates a seamless flow of information between project stakeholders. T-CON™ uses innovative algorithms, big data, and artificial intelligence to organize your project knowledge and information, which facilitates effective connections between essential project components and key people, even when they speak different technical languages and subscribe to different contracting backgrounds.


T-CON™ is for everyone on your team, from the office to the field, and establishes a common protocol for exchanging project management information. With the implementation of sophisticated project security levels, your team can collaborate effectively over time, overcoming contractual set-up barriers. No more interoperability issues. No more communication silos.


T-CON™ creates a critical project ecosystem, integrating organizational knowledge with technical resources. It allows all project stakeholders to work together so companies can achieve business, program and project objectives. T.CON™ will transform your capital project organization, breaking down traditional industry silos and helping you to build on in-house project experience.


A unique roadmap to digital transformation

The T-CON™ team has developed an integrated roadmap for digital transformation and cloud migration, purpose-built for your capital project organization and supporting more communication and collaboration between your IT and project teams. T-CON™ believes that a company’s journey to digital transformation is an opportunity for the leadership to set the company on a path of intelligence-building. With T-CON™, leaders can harness the power of project experience and expertise acquired and created by company teams. Technology investments should not only be driven by security of the information development and exchange. These investments should be driven by a desire to invest in the intelligence of the people of the organization.


A platform that sets you free

T-CON™ will set you free from the long-standing monopoly exercised by legacy software companies so that you can invest in the ultimate and most important goals in your digital transformation: increasing productivity and accountability, intelligence of information and security of information.  

Your people are your competitive advantage. T-CON™ captures their talent and leverages it unlike any other software on the market. As Stephen Hawking once said: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” T.CON™ makes that possible.


A project is an extremely valuable and often a very complex promise.


T-CON™ enables ambitious capital project teams to deliver on that promise.  


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